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Dinwiddie Volunteer Fire and EMS Co. 1
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For information please email:



1 Fill out online application package
2 Print application package
3 SIGN and Date as indicated.
This is important as without your signature a background check cannot be completed
4 Return completed application to:
Dinwiddie Volunteer Fire & EMS, Co. 1
Attn: Membership
13516 Boydton Plank Road
Dinwiddie, VA 23841
5 Background check is processed
6 Once background check comes back:
1.  If passes then you will be called in for a Drug Test
2.  If does not pass either background or drug test you will be informed and the application process will terminate
7 Interview by panel from DVFD Co. 1
8 On successful completion of interview the applicant will be presented before the body of the department during the next business meeting for approval
9 The membership body votes to accept or deny the applicant as a member of the department
 10 Every new member will serve a probationary period
 11 During the probationary period:
1.  The new member will go the orientation and precepting process (see Recruit School page for further information)
2.  The new member will be expected to fully understand and comply with ALL company By-Laws and SOGs
3.  The new member may be immediately terminated at any time during their probationary period (see By Laws)

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